If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland (ALGASL) is the voice of local
governments of Somaliland through lobby and advocating from the central government matters against
the mandates of the municipalities. The association provides platforms for experience sharing that all
local government comes together to demonstrate challenges and opportunities regarding local
government efforts. Since the 2006 ALGASL stands to provide capacity solution programs to the local

  • Lobby and advocacy
  • providing services to local governments

Covid-19 Donations

The local government of hargeisa has donated more equipment to the ministry of health and anti-virus disease.

qaybta degdega ah ee DHH ee la shaqaynaysa Wasaarada Caafimaadka oo ka kooban Laba Ambulance, gaadhi maydka lagu qaado, booyadii lagu buufinayay magaalada iyo gaadiidkale oo hawlaha degdega lagu isticmaalo

The mission of ALGASL is as follows

To be the representative voice of local authorities

To advocate and lobby for devolved and democratic local government system

To improve efficient and effective service delivery

Trusted by the biggest Agencies.

ALGASL’s objective is to assist local government entities in achieving their mission complying with principles of good governance and decentralization, and improve their position within the overall institutional framework of the country by influencing decision making processes that affect them. 

Khalid A. Hirsi,

ALGASL Executive Director

Address: Shacab Area, Next to APD, Hargeisa, Somaliland
Telephone: +252 63 4486880